In my VMware Explore wrap-up post, one of my key takeaways was that the edge is the next big frontier for the company. Given that, I thought examining VMware Inc.’s vision of the edge a bit more closely made sense.

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At VMware Explore, Sanjay Upall shares his vision of the edge

Communications and the cloud have seemingly become synonymous. The pandemic-induced trend toward working from home prompted companies to adopt “as a service,” or UCaaS, solutions for collaboration.

This created a massive wave of deployments, and some industry observers began to believe that the on-premises opportunity, which includes private cloud, will no longer be viable.

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Mitel Focuses on Cloud Partnership and Innovating at the Edge

Many predicted that the cloud would be the death knell for data centers. The use of public cloud services would make data centers obsolete – but that never came true.

In fact, the data center has never been more important. The enterprise is going through a data center Renaissance, where everything is moving to some kind of data center – whether it’s in a centralized public cloud, private cloud or edge location.

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Juniper Brings Intent-Based Networking to the Edge