At the GITEX Global conference last week in Dubai, communications hardware and software provider Avaya showcased how its technology can be integrated into a metaverse experience. GITEX has become a premier technology conference across the globe and rivals CES for attendance.

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How Avaya is bringing contact-center functionality to the metaverse


High-performance network software maker Arista Networks today unveiled what it describes as next-generation cloud-grade routing. The logic behind this is that routing needs to evolve to meet the demands of the cloud.

The concept is certainly sound because networks now do much more than simply connect branch offices to a company data center.

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Arista rolls out new routing capabilities for cloud-first companies

The interest in private 4G/5G connectivity is at an all-time high. Almost every IT leader I talk to about the future of his or her business network has it on the roadmap.

Private 4G or 5G refers to a mobile cellular network that is technically the same as a public 4G/5G network but which allows the owner to provide priority access or licensing for its wireless spectrum. Cellular is much more reliable than Wi-Fi at this point because it’s always on, plus there aren’t all that many 5G devices in use yet. Finally, many operational technology devices – such as beacons and sensors – do not require high bandwidth but certainly need always-on connectivity.

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Busting the myth that private cellular is more costly than Wi-Fi

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Software development and IT operations, known together as DevOps, play a crucial role in modern application development. DevOps is based on a set of continuous delivery principles for creating a repeatable, reliable process for releasing software.

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Businesses need DevOps to be competitive but must follow best practices to minimize risk