After the closing bell sounded on Monday, the Wall Street Journal ran a story stating that Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co. was nearing a deal to acquire Juniper Networks Inc. for $13 billion. When the story ran, Juniper’s market cap was roughly $10 billion, meaning the purchase price of $13 billion represents a 30% premium on where the stock was trading.

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How HPE acquiring Juniper does – and does not – make sense

One of the major themes from last week’s RSA Security conference was the rise of converged network and security platforms as organizations look to consolidate the number of vendors they have and leverage the ubiquity of the network.

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Ranking the converged network and security platforms

Many predicted that the cloud would be the death knell for data centers. The use of public cloud services would make data centers obsolete – but that never came true.

In fact, the data center has never been more important. The enterprise is going through a data center Renaissance, where everything is moving to some kind of data center – whether it’s in a centralized public cloud, private cloud or edge location.

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Juniper Brings Intent-Based Networking to the Edge