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This week, conversational AI vendor Uniphore announced a massive series E funding round of $400 million at a valuation of $2.5 billion, bringing its total funding to $610 million. This is, by far, the largest round of funding for the company. In its press release, the company stated it would use the money to “extend Uniphore’s technology and market leadership with advancements in voice AI, computer vision and tonal emotion, as well as to expand its business operations globally, specifically in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.”

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Uniphore Funding Signals Conversational AI on Verge of Massive Shift

F5 Inc., a leader in application delivery controllers, today announced its new software-as-a-service Distributed Cloud Services platform.

The new solution is the coming together of several acquisitions, including Volterra and Shape Security. Network functions include cloud load balancing, multicloud networking, cloud-native edge computing services and a Kubernetes gateway.

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F5 launches distributed cloud services platform

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Over the past two years, the workforce has changed in ways we could never have foreseen. Hybrid work is now the norm, leadership styles and strategies have evolved to encompass the new way of work, and workers are taking the time to decide if they actually like their job. We’ve seen the highest resignation numbers in decades – 4.4 million workers left their jobs in September 2021 alone!

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Turning The Great Resignation Into The Great Opportunity: Why Streamlining Your Tools Will Attract And Retain Good Talent

Telecom provider NTT has connected with cloud-based workflow automation platform ServiceNow to speed up the adoption of private 5G (P5G) in the enterprise. The combined NTT/ServiceNow solution is designed to give organizations a personalized, verticalized, automated approach to P5G deployments.

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NTT, ServiceNow partner for enterprise private 5G deployments

Today’s high focus on customer experience is prompting many businesses to modernize their contact centers. As companies shift their communications to the cloud, it creates several challenges that did not exist when the contact center platform was on-premises. Smaller businesses are likely to purchase the telecom services directly from a contact center as a service (CCaaS) provider, but that’s not typically an option for large businesses.

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Bring Your Own Carrier Solves Cloud Contact Center Migration Pain