Start-up Uniphore has announced its Q for Sales product, which brings the benefits of conversational artificial intelligence (AI) to enterprise sales organizations.

Conversational AI is a hot topic but has primarily been applied to contact centers, where the technology has been focused on dissecting chatbot interactions between businesses and consumers. This has been the “low hanging fruit” for the conversational AI industry yet it’s just scratching the surface of what’s possible.

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Uniphore Rolls Out Conversational AI for Sales

There is perhaps no hotter current topic in networking than private 5G (P5G). Finally, a wireless technology that’s as fast as wired networks but without the flakiness of Wi-Fi.

I’m certainly not suggesting that Wi-Fi is going away, as the low-cost relative to P5G and its near ubiquity make it ideal for general purpose connectivity. But if ultra-reliable, wireless connectivity is required, P5G is the only way.

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Deployment Options Are Coming For Private 5G

Observability is a hot tech topic yet has also become one of the industry’s most overused buzzwords. The term means understanding the behavior, performance, and other aspects of cloud infrastructure and cloud apps based on the data they generate, such as metrics, events, logs and traces (MELT). Observability relies on telemetry that comes from endpoints and services in multicloud environments.

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The Future of Observability is Beyond MELT

Throughout 2021, the pandemic influenced corporate buying behavior as hybrid work models became more permanent, replacing ad-hoc strategies initially used to support remote workers. Organizations changed their buying behavior in favor of more flexible, efficient, and cost-effective IT strategies, according to Tangoe’s newly released 2021 Market Trends Report.

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Tangoe Report: Pandemic Caused Major Shifts in IT Spending