Enterprises face many challenges, including too many systems and management dashboards to check. On the network side, those problems are compounded by an array of technologies needed to bind the organization together—including separate wired, Wi-Fi, and private 4G/5G networks.

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Success with Private 5G and Wi-Fi Requires Unified Management

5G cellular technology has come into the spotlight in recent years, revolutionizing how businesses operate and creating new opportunities for innovation, and Amazon Web Services Inc. has stepped up to the challenge.

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DDR.Live taps AWS Private 5G to catch Lightning in a Bottle

There is perhaps no hotter current topic in networking than private 5G (P5G). Finally, a wireless technology that’s as fast as wired networks but without the flakiness of Wi-Fi.

I’m certainly not suggesting that Wi-Fi is going away, as the low-cost relative to P5G and its near ubiquity make it ideal for general purpose connectivity. But if ultra-reliable, wireless connectivity is required, P5G is the only way.

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Deployment Options Are Coming For Private 5G