Understanding user experience has been somewhat of a “Holy Grail” for the IT industry for decades. Many vendors have tried, yet none have managed to crack the code.

Think back to names like Micromuse, Computer Associates, Riverbed and Netscout, which all tried to take their underlying management tool and adapt it to understand what a user is experiencing. There is obviously value in it, as it can help IT manage users better.

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Zscaler Brings a New Approach to Experience Management

I was recently re-introduced to Intermedia, an IT survivor founded in 1995. While some people may be familiar with Intermedia’s hosted Exchange email business, Intermedia offers fully modernized UCaaS (unified communications as a service) and CCaaS (contact center as a service) solutions today. I believe that Intermedia’s unique transformation to become a solid UCaaS / CCaaS solution provider is worth profiling.

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How Intermedia became a viable contender in cloud communications

Increasing connectivity and communication demands are paving the way for private 5G, a cloud-era wireless technology designed for the enterprise and highly adaptable to changes. Many organizations are already implementing or thinking about implementing private 5G because the network and the data can better be controlled by the enterprise. It can also be restricted to a certain location, providing coverage both indoors or outdoors in places such as manufacturing plants and ports.

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Private 5G is coming soon to a business near you