At the end of last month, Cisco Systems Inc. invited a small group of analysts to tour its facilities in Oslo, Norway, the home of the Cisco team responsible for its device portfolio — aka “Video Valley” — primarily used with Webex software.

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Five thoughts from the Cisco collaboration device tour

With its fiscal first-quarter earnings reported Wednesday, networking giant Cisco Systems Inc. started off the year with a bang.

Cisco’s numbers are always an important industry litmus test because it’s the biggest networking vendor and has the broadest portfolio. How their quarter goes is a general indicator for the direction of the network, collaboration, service provider spending and security.

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Top takeaways from Cisco’s ‘beat and raise’ first-quarter earnings

The terms hybrid work and remote work are used interchangeably, but they’re fundamentally very different.

Remote works refers to all employees working from home, as was the case at the start of COVID-19. Hybrid work can describe a scenario where no one is in the office, everyone is in the office, and every possible combination in-between. The latter is becoming more common post-pandemic, as organizations figure out the most effective work methods.

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Collaboration Platforms Are Critical To Successful Hybrid Work