Throughout 2021, the pandemic influenced corporate buying behavior as hybrid work models became more permanent, replacing ad-hoc strategies initially used to support remote workers. Organizations changed their buying behavior in favor of more flexible, efficient, and cost-effective IT strategies, according to Tangoe’s newly released 2021 Market Trends Report.

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Tangoe Report: Pandemic Caused Major Shifts in IT Spending

Understanding user experience has been somewhat of a “Holy Grail” for the IT industry for decades. Many vendors have tried, yet none have managed to crack the code.

Think back to names like Micromuse, Computer Associates, Riverbed and Netscout, which all tried to take their underlying management tool and adapt it to understand what a user is experiencing. There is obviously value in it, as it can help IT manage users better.

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Zscaler Brings a New Approach to Experience Management

Cisco is bringing its Webex technology to the final frontier: space. Webex will be a part of the Callisto payload on the Orion spacecraft, which launches later this year on a mission called Artemis I.

Formerly known as Exploration Mission-1, this launch will be the first in a series of several complex missions focused on human exploration to the Moon and Mars.

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Cisco, Lockheed Martin and Amazon Partner to Bring Collaboration to Space