Everywhere we look these days, data-intensive applications are increasing at breakneck speed. One of the companies at the center of this development is Nvidia Corp., which has been riding high of late because of the chips it makes to power artificial intelligence.

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How Nvidia enables accelerated computing

Nvidia Corp.‘s virtual GTC 2023 conference running this week has almost too many announcements to digest, and they go well beyond its signature graphics processing units. But after sifting through many pre-briefings for GTC 2023, here’s are what I think are the top five announcements, plus one honorable mention.

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Here are the top five announcements from Nvidia’s GTC event

Nvidia Inc. is positioning its open DOCA software framework as the fastest and easiest way to speed up the development and performance of data processing unit applications.

DOCA is a software development kit for Nvidia BlueField DPUs (pictured). For those not familiar with BlueField, it provides data center infrastructure-on-a-chip, optimized for high-performance enterprise and cloud computing. Because DOCA is tied to BlueField, there’s a misconception that it’s closed and proprietary.

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Nvidia’s DOCA: an open framework to maximize the value of its data processing unit