Data management and security practices are changing rapidly as data becomes fully distributed and fully situated in the cloud today.

Every organization is using hundreds of software-as-a-service (SaaS) apps—many that aren’t company approved. SaaS apps allow users to access them from anywhere at any time, boosting productivity and collaboration, which is why “shadow IT” has become one of the biggest headaches for corporate IT.

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Artificial Intelligence Enables Next-Gen Data Loss Prevention

Every organization with cloud-based collaboration tools should be thinking about security, privacy, and compliance. Post-pandemic, digital transformation priorities have shifted to support a hybrid work environment, where there is less control over data and a rise in shadow IT.

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Hybrid Work Drives Demand for Collaboration, Compliance and Security

It’s a well known fact that there’s an overabundance of wireless devices in the U.S. hospital system. According to U.S. hospital data, there are on average 10 to 15 connected medical devices per patient and more than 350,000 Internet-connected devices in large hospitals.

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Wi-Fi 6E Is Critical to Healthcare Modernization

The terms hybrid work and remote work are used interchangeably, but they’re fundamentally very different.

Remote works refers to all employees working from home, as was the case at the start of COVID-19. Hybrid work can describe a scenario where no one is in the office, everyone is in the office, and every possible combination in-between. The latter is becoming more common post-pandemic, as organizations figure out the most effective work methods.

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Collaboration Platforms Are Critical To Successful Hybrid Work

Since the birth of computing, networks have evolved alongside compute architecture. From mainframes to client servers to branch office computing, networks have had to keep pace by undergoing their own evolutionary processes. Today, compute has become highly distributed and that’s driving yet another major shift: to remain effective, networks now must be distributed.

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Pluribus Taps NVIDIA DPUs to Boost Distributed Computing