Nvidia’s Holodeck shows how virtual and augmented reality can improve collaboration and speed up business decisions. Companies must get on board or be left behind.

Earlier this year, Nvidia unveiled its Holodeck. The product is a virtual world in which all of the laws of physics apply, so images cast shadows, objects experience gravity and objects act as they should.

Network modernization, software-defined networking, and virtualization have had a profound impact on network infrastructure. However, the one network device that has managed to stand tall and buck that trend is the router. Switches operate locally, so taking a high-priced switch out of a branch and replacing it with something a little lower-cost is straightforward as the operations there do not impact anything else. Even in the data center, enterprise IT organizations can experiment with white boxes running a software operating system to keep the environment contained.

The new version of SteelCentral provides an end-to-end view of the user experience, monitoring applications, network traffic, devices and infrastructure from one console.

Digital transformation is on every IT and business leader’s radar today. The path to it, though, may not be simple. While many industry pundits like to call out the likes of Uber and AirBnb, those digital natives didn’t have to worry about disrupting an existing business.

Democratizes artificial intelligence services so any customer can easily build AI-powered CRM workflows.

This week at Dreamforce 2017, Salesforce is launching its latest and greatest innovations aimed at enabling businesses to do more with the data stored in its CRM platform. The most interesting to me are the new capabilities it’s introduced for its year-old artificial intelligence (AI) platform, Einstein.

Talkdesk for Sales is an excellent example of how AI can be used to augment a worker’s skill set and make them more productive.

It seems like the use cases for artificial intelligence (AI) has exploded over the past few years. I’ve seen many consumer examples like an AI writing news stories, playing poker and Go. However, AI has yet to make a significant dent in the business world.

DigiCert’s already capable team gains some of the industry’s best talent and resources in the area of SSL/TLS certificates and related PKI solutions.

Last week DigiCert announced it had closed on the billion-dollar acquisition of Symantec’s security business previously announced in August of this year. The deal adds to DigiCert’s capable team some of the industry’s best talent and resources in the area of SSL/TLS certificates and related PKI solutions. As the world becomes more cloud and IoT-centric, these are security technologies that companies need to pay more attention to.

Partnership should net global enterprises improved performance of voice and video calling over long distances.

The coming together of software-defined WANs and UCaaS services has been making quite a bit of noise recently. In late September, for example, 8×8 and Aryaka announced a strategic alliance aimed at improving the quality of voice and video communications for global organizations.

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