VMware Inc.’s user event last week in Las Vegas, Explore, formerly known as VMWorld, offered a cornucopia of news, with multicloud and artificial intelligence the overarching themes.

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Final thoughts from VMware Explore 2023: Broadcom, multicloud and security

Businesses have been transitioning to cloud computing for the better part of the past two decades, and during that time, cloud has gone through many evolutionary phases.

At the turn of the century, “cloud” referred to hosted services where business would deploy their technology in a third-party data center. This evolved to co-location services, which lead to the multi-tenant solutions we have today. The commonality between these is they are all centralized compute models.

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VMware’s SD-WAN Simplifies User Path to Multicloud

Most enterprises today have some type of multi-cloud strategy, yet still face challenges when connecting to public and private clouds. The Internet provides “best effort” connectivity but has inconsistencies in network quality that can significantly impact application performance.

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Cisco and Megaport Partner to Simplify SD-WAN

F5 Inc., a leader in application delivery controllers, today announced its new software-as-a-service Distributed Cloud Services platform.

The new solution is the coming together of several acquisitions, including Volterra and Shape Security. Network functions include cloud load balancing, multicloud networking, cloud-native edge computing services and a Kubernetes gateway.

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F5 launches distributed cloud services platform