For the better part of the last decade, customer experience has ranked near or at the top of every information technology and business leader’s priority list. That’s because 90% of companies compete on CX, significantly up from 26% five years ago. Another interesting supporting data point from my research is that, in 2023, 71% of millennials admitted changing loyalties to a brand from a single bad experience.

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Contentsquare survey shows rising online frustration and falling traffic

Contentsquare, a provider of digital experience analytics, rolled out several notable new products and a design update for its Summer 2023 release recently annual flagship event, CX Circle London, focusing on helping organizations provide better customer experiences — both on the web and in-app.

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Contentsquare bolsters its digital experience platform in its Summer 23 release

The pandemic-induced digitization of everything has been well-documented as businesses had to shut their doors and find a different way of interacting with customers via digital initiatives.

Prior to the pandemic, digital transformation was something most companies were just thinking about. Post-pandemic, it’s something most companies rely on to transact business and provide service and everything else in the customer lifecycle.

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With new $600M financing, Contentsquare aims to humanize digital interactions