Contentsquare bolsters its digital experience platform in its Summer 23 release

This syndicated post originally appeared at Zeus Kerravala – SiliconANGLE.

Contentsquare, a provider of digital experience analytics, rolled out several notable new products and a design update for its Summer 2023 release recently annual flagship event, CX Circle London, focusing on helping organizations provide better customer experiences — both on the web and in-app.

Over the past decade, brand affinity has shifted away from considerations such as price and even product quality, and now customer experience, or CX, reigns supreme. My research shows that 90% of companies believe they compete based on customer experience, up from only 26% five years ago. My research also shows that last year, two-thirds of millennials changed loyalties to a brand because of a single bad experience.

CX comes in many flavors and includes contact center interactions, in-store experiences and more. But for most of us, we often start our customer journey with a digital experience.

Yet many brands have less-than-stellar web experiences. Contentsquare’s 2023 Digital Experience Benchmark report found that one in three online experiences frustrates users. All the new offerings in the summer release targeted closing that gap.

The first new offering is advanced mobile analytics, which provides experience monitoring for mobile apps across all major frameworks, including Apple iOS, Android, Flutter and React. The world had been shifting to mobile-first, but the use of mobile devices exploded during the pandemic as it forced every business to create a tough free engagement model, which often starts with the phone. The new CS Apps highlight areas to improve performance and user journeys which should lift usage and ultimately lead to better mobile conversion rates.

It’s important to note that CS Apps provide more than basic visibility because it works at a code level via APIs to detect bugs, troubleshoot code and find other sources of possible problems. This lets developers proactively address issues and correct them before the brand starts shedding customers.

Second on the list of new offerings is Benchmarks, which brands can use to compare their user experience to that of companies in their peer set. Contentsquare compares several metrics, including conversion rates, load times, average cart and views per session, to help businesses better assess where they rank versus their competition.

The service is opt-in, and Contentsquare ensures that all data is real-time and anonymized. NPS and CSAT can be considered blunt instruments to measure CX, but Benchmarks provide more granular data.

The third new product from Contentsquare is CS Retail Media, which provides product-specific and brand-specific performance analytics. This enables retailers and product brands to share experience data in real time, which is used to create visibility into marketplace performance. The granular data shows retailers insights into product and SKU performance, which allows for further optimization of the marketplace, creating a win-win-win where the retailer and marketplace drive more business, but customers also find what they want faster.

A final release is the new Dara design system, developed in tandem with accessibility experts to ensure the Contentsquare platform is accessible. The first wave of user interface improvements focuses on accessible colors and increased contrast to meet the demands of people who are visually challenged. Contentsquare management has shared that it’s committed to playing an important role in eliminating accessibility barriers, starting with their platform.

The customer experience era is here, and its rapidly reshaping industries. People expect a great experience and will jump from brand to brand based on who has the best CX. No longer are customer conversions solely determined by product or service quality or price.

The new offerings from Contentsquare can be used to improve web and mobile experiences continually, ensuring brands stay out in front of what customers want by differentiating themselves through CX.

Author: Zeus Kerravala

Zeus Kerravala is the founder and principal analyst with ZK Research. Kerravala provides a mix of tactical advice to help his clients in the current business climate and long term strategic advice.