The communications industry’s largest show, Enterprise Connect, is being held this week in Orlando, Fl. At the event, Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced its new Amazon Chime SDK call analytics, which are a set of capabilities that simplify and lower the cost of recording and generating insights into real time audio calls.

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AWS Announces New Chime SDK Call Analytics

It’s been nearly three years since cloud titan, Amazon Web Services (AWS) jumped into the contact center space when it announced its Amazon Connect cloud contact center solution. The company is a late entrant in the space, which normally spells doom for any company because once a market is mature, it’s hard to disrupt. AWS promised to be different and use artificial intelligence (AI) to take contact centers in an entirely different direction.

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AWS beefs up contact center solution with new AI capabilities

Cisco is bringing its Webex technology to the final frontier: space. Webex will be a part of the Callisto payload on the Orion spacecraft, which launches later this year on a mission called Artemis I.

Formerly known as Exploration Mission-1, this launch will be the first in a series of several complex missions focused on human exploration to the Moon and Mars.

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Cisco, Lockheed Martin and Amazon Partner to Bring Collaboration to Space