Extreme Networks Inc. recently held its annual user conference, Connect, in Fort Worth, Texas, where everything is big. In keeping with that tradition, Extreme had its own big news from the show. Day 1 news involved Extreme being approved for standard power for the 6-gigahertz spectrum for Wi-Fi. This new band was added to Wi-Fi 6E and 7, providing clean spectrum and speeds north of 1 gigabits per second.

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Five thoughts from Extreme Networks’ Connect user conference

Last week I attended the San Francisco Giants baseball team media day at Oracle Park, where the team unveiled its new brand campaign – “There’s Nothing Like It” — as a way of describing the unique experience baseball can bring.

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‘There’s Nothing Like It’: SF Giants now have a Wi-Fi 6E network to match its brand campaign

The year is coming to an end, which means the holidays are here — and for sports fans, it also means the NFL and college football playoffs are around the corner.

Football stadiums will turn into mini-cities holding tens of thousands of people, all of whom want to be hyperconnected as they cheer on their favorite teams. Through their mobile devices, they can share photos and video with their friends but also check on other scores, watch highlights and more, creating an integrated physical and digital experience.

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Football playoffs are upon us. Is the Wi-Fi ready?