Ransomware attacks have grown by 80% year-over-year, as they continue to evolve in tactics and scope.

The findings come from Zscaler Inc.’s newly released ThreatLabz 2022 Ransomware Report, which uncovered a record number of attacks that have increased both in volume and the cost of damages.

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New Zscaler report finds ransomware continues to run amok

Data management and security practices are changing rapidly as data becomes fully distributed and fully situated in the cloud today.

Every organization is using hundreds of software-as-a-service (SaaS) apps—many that aren’t company approved. SaaS apps allow users to access them from anywhere at any time, boosting productivity and collaboration, which is why “shadow IT” has become one of the biggest headaches for corporate IT.

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Artificial Intelligence Enables Next-Gen Data Loss Prevention

Understanding user experience has been somewhat of a “Holy Grail” for the IT industry for decades. Many vendors have tried, yet none have managed to crack the code.

Think back to names like Micromuse, Computer Associates, Riverbed and Netscout, which all tried to take their underlying management tool and adapt it to understand what a user is experiencing. There is obviously value in it, as it can help IT manage users better.

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Zscaler Brings a New Approach to Experience Management