SASE & ZTNA for Dummies: VMware Special Edition

December 2020 //

SASE & ZTNA for Dummies:Enterprise networking isn’t what it used to be, and businesses are struggling to adapt. Not long ago, most users worked from a corporate office. Today, they could be working from anywhere: a coffee shop, a customer site, or, for millions of new home-based workers, a home office. The applications they’re using look different, too — most now live in the cloud. This new normal calls for a different approach to networking and security — one built for today’s distributed, cloud-first businesses and increased security threats rather than the data center-centric IT models of the past.

Fortunately, the industry has answered with secure access service edge (SASE). SASE combines the flexibility of a software-defined wide-area network (SD-WAN) with a full suite of security services, all delivered from the cloud. SASE reinvents remote access for millions of mobile and home-based users with zero-trust network access (ZTNA). Together, SASE and ZTNA provide the more flexible, context-driven approach to networking and security that today’s dynamic businesses need.

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