Know Your Options Before Moving to the Cloud

May 2020 //

Know Your Options Before Moving to the CloudIt’s important for company and IT leaders to understand that the term “cloud” is very broad and can mean different things to different businesses. This report highlights the importance of cloud delivery and provides some insight regarding how organizations should think of the various cloud “flavors” to make the best possible decision. Every business should shift communications to the cloud—the question is, which cloud?

Section I: Digital Businesses Need to Be Cloud First

Digital transformation is no longer an option. It’s a mandate for today’s business and IT leaders, and companies are adopting digital technologies at a furious rate. According to the ZK Research 2019 IT Priorities Study, 90% of organizations worldwide have at least one digital initiative underway (Exhibit 1), up from 68% in 2015. Why the jump in interest? Digital advancements enable companies to quickly create new products, transform business operations, improve customer service and lower costs. This is why digital companies often leapfrog and stay ahead of their most established competitors.

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