2021 State of AIOps Study

November 2021 //

2021 State of AIOps StudyThe rise of digital transformation and the subsequent explosion of data have enabled companies to innovate and serve stakeholders at breakneck speed. Yet while the data age has been great for the bottom line, the technological infrastructure required to store, analyze and manage this data has put enormous stress on IT.

The strain on IT was exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent worldwide shift to remote working, as IT was charged with helping to maintain business-as-usual operations. This Herculean undertaking spawned increasingly complex network architectures and systems too onerous to manage. It also became harder for IT teams to respond in a timely fashion, which significantly increased the potential for human error. To combat time-consuming tasks, cut down on errors and deliver better, more efficient results, companies must invest in network automation—specifically, artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps).

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