2019 Application Delivery Controller Study

June 2019 //

Q1. What is the status of the following technologies in your company?Key Findings:

  • Similar to what was noted in last year’s study, “software defined technologies” and cloud native applications continue to be the areas furthest along in the deployment process.
  • When drawing comparisons between the US and UK markets, it is noted that pushing applications to the cloud is greater among those in the UK, with close to 50% expecting to have half of applications in the cloud within 12 months, compared to only 29% in the US.
  • Within a public cloud infrastructure, F5 is most often identified as the LB of choice.
    • F5 and Citrix are most commonly used ADCs
    • Cloud native ADCs showing strength in future purposes
  • Regardless of market/segment, ‘security related issues’ are most commonly recognized as the greatest concern when utilizing cloud native ADC.
  • Although current satisfaction levels with providers are neutral to positive, a majority of respondents acknowledge they would be open to considering a change from their incumbent ADC vendor.
    • Respondents in the UK are more satisfied across all attributes tested than their respective US counterparts.

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