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October 2016 – Prepared by Zeus Kerravala

The Realities of WiFi TroubleshootingWi-Fi issue prevalence

  • Wi-Fi related issues are more commonly reported compared to other network issues. However, when a user reports a Wi-Fi problem, more often than not it is actually associated with other network-related issues.
    • Wi-Fi issues are slightly less prevalent in on-premises centrally managed networks.
    • Education industries (higher education and K-12 schools) have more prevalent Wi-Fi issues compared to general enterprise.

  • The most commonly reported Wi-Fi issues are
    • Wi-Fi association (40%)
    • Wi-Fi performance (23%)
    • General complaint related to Wi-Fi network (23%)
  • The most common root causes are Wi-Fi association, roaming, and related problems.
  • Improving Wi-Fi network association thus would likely eliminate a large portion of existing Wi-Fi complaints and problems.
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