July 2017 — Prepared by Zeus Kerravala

Digital transformation in the enterprise is one of the fastest-growing trends ever in IT. In many ways, it has begun to outstrip the web and internet tidal wave of the 1990s because of the way it involves every aspect of an organization.

In the 1990s, information technology changes primarily altered the exterior of a company — its website and other outward-facing technologies. In contrast, the current digital transformation is affecting the very heart of modern enterprise — yet the majority of its focus to date has been on the data center. Virtualization and applications management are having a profound impact on enterprise user access, as user mobility, device proliferation and software-as-a-service (SaaS) apps make it increasingly hard for IT staff to quantify the user experience. Consequently, rethinking enterprise network access from this vantage point becomes critical in the age of digital transformation.

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