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October 2012 – Prepared by Zeus Kerravala

The IT landscape has changed significantly over the past five years. In many ways, the exception is now the norm. Nowhere is this truer than in client computing. Mobile computing dominates the workplace and promises to bring orders of magnitude more devices into the workplace.

The shift to mobile computing continues, with these trends in the lead:

  • Bring your own device (BYOD) is a reality: IT fought this for years, but the BYOD wave is almost unstoppable now. ZK Research finds a staggering 82 percent of organizations have a BYOD plan underway.
  • Mobile devices are the norm: As computing changes, workers look to mobile devices first. Exhibit 2 (below) shows the penetration of mobile and traditional compute devices. While fewer workers consider desktops their primary work device, more and more workers choose a mobile-first strategy. Tablets, in particular, have grown significantly in the workplace. In 2009 only 2 percent of workers considered a tablet a primary work tool. Our study estimates 34 percent of workers will, by the end of 2013.
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