May 2012 – Prepared by Zeus Kerravala

For most companies, customer service is a continually evolving process. Customer demands are always in flux and there are always new methods of reaching customers, and competitive threats to the status quo. Organizations that wait too long to adapt run the risk of losing customers to more agile competitors waiting for the right moment to pounce. But do it right and the results can be staggering: happier customers, faster problem resolution, consistency in measurement — all at a lower cost.

It’s for this reason that companies have looked to collaboration tools as a way of changing the face of customer service. While the tried-and-true telephone will always be a contact option, many customers want a whole new experience where chat, social media, video and self-service are the norm.

ZK Research believes the time is now for companies to use collaboration tools to evolve customer service. This report provides IT professionals and business decision-makers with practical examples and key insights into how four organizations implemented collaboration technologies and used them to transform customer service.

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