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August 2012 – Prepared by Zeus Kerravala

Video technology has been around for the better part of two decades, but has never been a mainstream corporate collaboration tool for a number of reasons. Legacy systems were costly to procure and manage, there was limited availability of video endpoints, and quality was often poor. Only the largest of large enterprises had the budget, staff and opportunity to fully leverage business video.

Today’s systems are easier to use — many are as easy or easier to use than a phone, they work on ubiquitous IP technology making video simple to deploy, and social media has driven the fear out of video. Additionally, video systems are no longer strictly room-based. Almost every laptop, tablet and smart phone has highquality video capability, which can complement room-based systems to deliver spontaneous or scheduled video meetings.

To maximize video, business and IT leaders must fully understand the value video can bring. This requires understanding the best way to leverage video, and which types of interactions benefit most from video.

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