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August 2015 – Prepared by Zeus Kerravala

Long-term competitive advantage and business success is no longer based on making the best widget or having a single core competency. Rather, it is determined by having the ability to make the best decision while involving the right people in as short a time as possible. Organizations need the ability to harness the collective knowledge of everyone across the extended enterprise. This includes, but isn’t limited to, internal employees, remote workers, partners, suppliers and customers.

The need to collaborate better is one reason why unified communications (UC) is in use or is in the testing phase at 86% of organizations today (Exhibit 1). UC enables individuals to communicate and collaborate with team members using a variety of tools.

However, effective collaboration requires more than just individual-centric communication tools. Collaboration requires conversations by the team, with the entire team. Historically, this has been accomplished through in-person meetings, but distributed teams and remote workers have forced companies to try using individual-centric tools such as email and chat to collaborate. Unfortunately, these tools are ineffective and too slow for agile teams, particularly in the digital era of business

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