December 2017 – Prepared by Zeus Kerravala

Key Findings:

  • Cloud native applications and “software defined technologies” are areas that respondents identified as the furthest along in the deployment process
  • Majority of ADCs are used on premises but other form factors are emerging
  • Incumbents still dominant in cloud but challengers coming on strong
  • Respondents are experimenting with cloud, software and virtual form factors
  • Downtime varies but majority of respondents aren’t aware of how much there is
  • Satisfaction with current vendors is tepid
  • Security features are highest attach rate to ADCs
  • Over half of install base is considering alternative vendors
  • Ability to automate changes is low
  • Network functions can be provisioned quickly but ADC features remain a challenge
  • Lag in ADC changes impact application roll outs
  • Respondents want better automation and analytic capabilities

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