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March 2017 -- Prepared by Zeus Kerravala

ZK Research defines digital transformation as the application of new technologies to create new business processes by leveraging the convergence of people, business and connected things. Digital innovation involves companies creating new products and services as well as transforming business operations, enabling organization to generate more revenue, lower costs and achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency to gain a sustainable competitive advantage in their markets.

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We’re about to enter the third phase of the cloud,
one that will fundamentally change the way we live.

Most technologies go through some period of being overhyped and failing to live up to inflated expectations set forth by the vendor community. Cloud, however, has been the exception.

Cloud services have become ubiquitous — you’d be hard-pressed to find a company today that isn’t using at least a little bit of something from the cloud. And many organizations have directives to utilize cloud services first, when available. Make no mistake: The cloud era not only has arrived, but is taking over.

However, we are on the tip of a cloud transition point. In fact, I think we are about to hit the third phase of the cloud — one that will fundamentally change the way we live, allowing us to do things we couldn’t do without the cloud.

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Digital Healthcare Trends:

Baby boomers, who were born between 1946 and 1964, according to Wikipedia, constitute the second-largest generation following millennials. This group grew up knowing the value of healthcare and taking care of themselves. In addition to making their own healthcare decisions, many of them are now caring for aging parents as well. Today, they value the advances and healthcare options offered by technology. In fact, they have adapted quite well to the internet and have embraced social media: 83% of baby boomers ages 51 to 59 and 76% of those ages 60 to 69 use the internet regularly, according to The Pew Research Center.

But how exactly are baby boomers using the internet and technology when making healthcare decisions?

Baby boomers have a lot of confidence in their healthcare team and rely on what their doctors tell them. However, they like to research what they have been told to gain more insight on their health issues. They enjoy using healthcare portals to locate information or come up with questions for their doctors. For example, my 94-year-old grandfather is completely independent and living on his own, and he loves using the computer or even his iPhone to research medical terms mentioned by his doctor. He is being very proactive in his own care.

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Notes From the Field:

I love ice cream, especially soft serve ice cream. Traditionally there wasn’t much variation in soft serve ice cream. It was available in three flavors, chocolate, vanilla, and twist. You could change it up a bit by adding chocolate or rainbow sprinkles, but all in all it was pretty straightforward ordering your ice cream. Recently I’ve found ice cream stands offering flavored soft serve. They pour vanilla into a dish, add flavoring and color, and put the mix through a dispenser to create a host of new flavor options. My personal favorite is coconut soft serve with chocolate sprinkles. Yum!

I tell you this story about ice cream because like soft serve, many enterprises believe that there are only three flavors of cloud communications—public cloud, private cloud or hybrid. Pull the lever on the left of the Cloud dispensing machine, and you get private cloud, which usually consists of a customer building their own data center(s) and hosting a communications solution with purchased licenses. Pull the lever on the right, and you’ve got public cloud, typically a communications service managed by a third party, delivered over the public internet in a subscription model. When you use the middle dispenser, a hybrid cloud blends the two solutions together.

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