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Avaya Is Poised to Capitalize on Market Transitions

July 2014

Avaya Is Poised to Capitalize on Market TransitionsBusiness agility is no longer optional for companies. Nimble organizations that can add new services and capture new market opportunities stand to break away from and eclipse their competitors. Those that cannot become flexible risk becoming irrelevant.

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Re-imagining its approach could help Aruba Networks capitalize on a Wi-Fi market that appears set for massive growth.

Aruba Networks has arguably been the most successful enterprise-focused wireless network company over the past five years. Cisco may have more share, but much of that is due to Cisco’s massive wired base. At one time, Motorola was on par with Aruba, albeit in different verticals, but that business is but a shell of what it once was and Aruba has continued to steal its share.

As successful as Aruba has been in the enterprise segment, the company has had less success with the SME market, i.e. businesses where the employee count ranged from about 25 to 250. Why, you ask? Well, two big problems: a lack of product built for this segment and no channel to sell the product. In this case, the double negative doesn’t create a positive, just a bigger negative.

With respect to product, all the company had for Wi-Fi was a controller-managed solution with a price point meant for large businesses to manage hundreds or even thousands of access points. Over the past year or so, Aruba has rectified the product issue.

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