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Avaya Is Poised to Capitalize on Market Transitions

July 2014

Avaya Is Poised to Capitalize on Market TransitionsBusiness agility is no longer optional for companies. Nimble organizations that can add new services and capture new market opportunities stand to break away from and eclipse their competitors. Those that cannot become flexible risk becoming irrelevant.

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Cisco recently addressed some of the challenges
in migrating to 802.11AC Wave 2 Wi-Fi.

WiFi illustration

Remember the old days when Wi-Fi was much slower than a wired connection? Workers were forced to choose between speed and mobility. Plug into the wired network and have great connectivity speeds so users could browse the web quickly, watch streamed videos, copy files from one location to the other, or send that large attachment off. Alternatively, a worker might choose to go wireless to have the freedom to roam around the building. Sitting at a desk and want to move into a conference room? No problem, just use Wi-Fi. Just remember to send that large PowerPoint out when you reconnect to the wired network.

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