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802.11AC Wave 2 is coming and it’s going
to transform the digital workplace.

May 2015

802.11AC Wave 2 is coming and it's going to transform the digital workplace.The next wave of Wi-Fi evolution, 802.11ac Wave 2 is almost upon us and, for the first time ever, wireless networks will have as good or better performance than wired switches.  With 802.11ac Wave 2, businesses can enable more devices per user, stream 4K video over Wi-Fi and be assured their Internet of Things deployments go smoothly.

View this infographic to understand the key drivers and benefits of wave 2 as well as understand how it differs from older Wi-Fi standards and understand some best practices to deployment.

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Adaptive security is becoming more important
as breaches appear to become inevitable.

Earlier this year, I wrote a post discussing why security needs to be adaptive. The high-profile breaches of big-name firms like Target and Bank of America, not to mention the Office of Personnel Management, have acted as a wake-up call to businesses. No matter how much money and how many people are thrown at securing the perimeter, it will not stop 100% of malicious traffic from penetrating the enterprise.

Solving the security challenge continues to confound IT professionals as well. In the 2015 Network Purchase Intention Study, run jointly by ZK Research and Tech Target, we asked over 1,000 respondents globally, “What are your company’s top 3 priorities for next 12 months?” To no surprise, security came back as the No. 1 response. Another question we asked was, “What IT products are taking up more time than in previous years?” Again, security was overwhelmingly the No. 1 response. So security is a top initiative for IT, but it’s taking more and more time. Something has to change if the acceleration of breaches the industry has seen over the past few years is going to reverse course (disclosure: I am an employee of ZK Research).

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