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Avaya Is Poised to Capitalize on Market Transitions

July 2014

Avaya Is Poised to Capitalize on Market TransitionsBusiness agility is no longer optional for companies. Nimble organizations that can add new services and capture new market opportunities stand to break away from and eclipse their competitors. Those that cannot become flexible risk becoming irrelevant.

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At least at one point, RadioShack was the only place you could find these tech products.

Remembering the Shack

Remembering the Shack

RadioShack announced recently that after 94 years the company would be going into bankruptcy, selling off a number of stores and shutting some others down. As a techy who was born in the 60s, RadioShack was a huge part of my life. I remember hitting the RadioShack every time I visited the Duncan Mall just to see what was new. For you younger people out there, understand that at one point, there were no other options for many of the products you could find at RadioShack. No Best Buy, no Amazon.com or Tiger Direct. Here are 10 of the products that I could only get from RadioShack.

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