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Cisco and Tropo Will Redefine Enterprise Collaboration

October 2015 -- Prepared by Zeus Kerravala

Cisco and Tropo Will Redefine Enterprise CollaborationThe unified communications (UC) industry is currently transitioning from a collection of standalone applications to a set of capabilities. More and more enterprises want to quickly integrate collaboration functions into business applications and processes. Using traditional development platforms can be a long, expensive process because racks of infrastructure need to be procured, installed and maintained to deliver the required functionality. This is one reason why communications-enabled applications are still in their infancy.

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Credit: BalticServers.com, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This week, Juniper is holding its “NXTWORK 2015” customer summit in Silicon Valley. At the event, Juniper made a number of data center announcements. These announcements come about a month after Juniper rolled out its “Unite” architecture aimed at the enterprise campus (disclosure: Juniper Networks is a client of ZK Research). While the two announcements are aimed at different parts of the network, there is a common focal point, and that’s helping businesses build networks that are cloud-ready. The Unite architecture was focused on simplification, whereas Juniper’s play in the data center is more about customer choice and automation.

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