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Visual Conversations Redefine Enterprise Collaboration

Visual Conversations Redefine Enterprise CollaborationFew companies are islands unto themselves. Most are global, networked organizations comprised not only of internal employees but also suppliers, vendors, partners and customers. This work style enables them to respond to market opportunities and competitive threats faster than companies that are highly structured and vertically siloed.

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Because the way we work today is significantly different from even a few years ago, smart boards now make a lot more sense for the enterprise.

Earlier this week I spoke at Westcon’s UC Connections Event, a regional event for a number of the company’s resellers. There were numerous sponsors there, including many of the companies one would expect to see at a UC event: Avaya, Polycom, AudioCodes and Microsoft’s Lync. One of the more interesting presentations that made me think a bit about the evolution of UC was from Rob Spicer, Global Distribution Manager of Enterprise Solutions from SMART Technologies, maker of “smart boards.”

Smart boards certainly aren’t new by any measure. I remember using a smart board back in the ’90s when I worked for a university in Canada. While I found value then, the usage of smart boards was limited primarily to the educational sector and had never been all that appealing to mainstream businesses. So why do I now think they should be a core technology?

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