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June 2016 - Prepared by Zeus Kerravala

ZK Research defines digitization as the application of technology to build new operating models or processes by leveraging the convergence of people, business and things. Digital advancements are creating new product and services opportunities as well as transforming business operations, enabling organizations to generate more revenue, lower costs and achieve higher levels of efficiency to gain an advantage over their competitors.

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8kpc President and CEO Ram Appalaraju discusses
the impact hyper-convergence has had on IT, where
the market is going and how 8kpc differentiates itself

8kc President and CEO Ram Appalaraju

Hyper-converged platforms have been red hot of late. Because of this, the number of solution providers has increased significantly. In addition to Simplivity and Nutanix, two of the best-known vendors today, Cisco, VCE, HP and others have recently jumped into the market.

From the Desk of a Millennial:

I recently decided to try out the new PRIV from BlackBerry. Since the new phone runs on Android (the OS that I’m used to) and because I used to have a Curve, I figured the transition would be easy and it would be a fun phone to use. Here are my takeaways after using the new phone for a month:

The physical keyboard is cool but ultimately pointless

BlackBerry has always been famous for their awesome keyboards. On the PRIV, the keyboard slides out and can be used for not only typing, but scrolling within apps, moving within a text and deleting, all by gently swiping on the keys. I found the physical keyboard to be an easy way to text with minimal mistakes and less need to look at the phone but pointless. When I decide to answer with a bit of urgency or want to do something quickly, I resort to using the touch screen because it’s there right away and easier to do things quicker. Although the hard keyboard is fun and has lots of functions, I can’t see that piece of hardware really making any sort of comeback with touch out there.


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