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October 2016 - Prepared by Zeus Kerravala

The Realities of WiFi TroubleshootingWi-Fi issue prevalence

  • Wi-Fi related issues are more commonly reported compared to other network issues. However, when a user reports a Wi-Fi problem, more often than not it is actually associated with other network-related issues.
    • Wi-Fi issues are slightly less prevalent in on-premises centrally managed networks.
    • Education industries (higher education and K-12 schools) have more prevalent Wi-Fi issues compared to general enterprise.

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Cisco acquires Worklife, aims to automate and improve some
of the more manual and boring tasks associated with meetings.

We are rapidly moving into a fully digitized world where everything is connected — at least that’s what we’re told. So why is it that something as simple as a meeting is filled with disjointed processes? Call into this audio bridge, join that Web conference, ask Bill for the meeting notes he took, send a message to Mary to put her documents in Google Drive… but then you find out she’s already put them in Dropbox. Frankly, it’s amazing that we get any work done at all.

Improving this experience and delivering flawless meetings is something that the industry has been working toward. For example, earlier this year Microsoft announced Skype Meeting Rooms (formerly Project Rigel) to bring a unified Skype experience to meetings… assuming people want a Skype experience. (See also, “Join Legacy Video Gear to Skype for Business Online Meetings, Now!“) Microsoft customers can now quickly start meetings without the hassle of needing to invoke multiple systems.

From the Desk of a Millennial:

After receiving a new debit card the other day, I had to go through the process of updating my card information for the different services I use. Many of them being performed on mobile apps, I figured I would take the opportunity to see what the different experiences were like adding in card information on different applications.

It’s a no brainer that security should be the most important piece for any application that will hold personal information, especially banking credentials. Another important concept with any application is ease of use, including adding in a card. Here are some of the takeaways I got from going through the process of updating my payment info:

There needs to be an option to update the information on the mobile app

This seems like a no brainer, but I was surprised to find there was no way of updating my payment info on Spotfiy’s mobile app. Then when I went onto Spotify’s application on my laptop, again, there was no option for updating the information. I had to go onto their Web Player version and then go into my account from there. If a company has a mobile app and there is payment involved, there needs to be a way to update the information from my mobile device. The masses are using mobile more (especially millennials) and it’s inconvenient and annoying when they are required to leave their phones to pull out their laptops just to update.

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