February 2018 – Prepared by Zeus Kerravala

Organizations of all sizes are looking for ways to create new customer experiences to distinguish themselves from their competition. Although such experiences may vary widely from industry to industry, there is one point of commonality—WiFi is at the heart of them. Consider the following examples:

  • Retailers are pushing mobile coupons to shoppers when they are in the store to drive up impulse purchases.
  • School systems are using tablets to create new, immersive forms of learning.
  • Hospitals are improving patient care by sending alerts from patient monitoring equipment directly to clinicians’ mobile devices.
  • Manufacturing companies are connecting equipment to a common network so the status of the machines can be monitored more closely.
  • Hotels are enabling customers to check in with their mobile phones and then use them as room keys.

WiFi has become so important that an organization’s ability to compete depends on it. Businesses that provide a great wireless experience are positioning themselves to break away from the competition; those that cannot do so will likely fall behind.

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