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The addition of Aternity allows Riverbed to gather data from many
sources, including end-user devices, to help customers quickly find
performance problems and fix them before they impact the business

Riverbed acquires Aternity to get an end-user perspective

The IT management industry has been highly fragmented with great point products to monitor pieces of infrastructure. There are network management tools, application performance systems and a wealth of other products available to IT buyers.

White box switches have come a long way. Their cost,
reliability and features mean they’re ready for a broader
range of companies to use—not just large enterprises.

White boxes are now ready for prime time

White box switches have been around for years, but adoption has been limited to niche companies that have large engineering departments. The rise of software-defined networking (SDN) has brought them into the public eye, though, as a lower-cost alternative to traditional network hardware. In fact, some of the early messaging around SDN revolved around using white boxes as a complete replacement for all network hardware.

Vonage’s acquisitions make the company uniquely
positioned to address the communications needs
of consumers, SMBs, enterprises and developers

Vonage’s cloudy strategy is now clear

Alan Masarek has been CEO of Vonage since November 2014. Since then, the company has undergone a transformation, building on its roots as a home phone replacement company to become a leading provider of cloud communications for business.

8kpc President and CEO Ram Appalaraju discusses
the impact hyper-convergence has had on IT, where
the market is going and how 8kpc differentiates itself

8kc President and CEO Ram Appalaraju

Hyper-converged platforms have been red hot of late. Because of this, the number of solution providers has increased significantly. In addition to Simplivity and Nutanix, two of the best-known vendors today, Cisco, VCE, HP and others have recently jumped into the market.

The network storage technology is very much alive, and
a growth wave is coming to support digital enterprises

Brocade’s Gen 6 Fibre Channel meets the needs of a digital world

In the late 1800s, Mark Twain was rumored to have said, “Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.” If Mark Twain were a technology, he would be Fibre Channel.

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