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As long as partners are able to evolve to meet
the demands of customers’ digitization initiatives

Cisco held its annual Partners Summit earlier this month in San Francisco, a city known for many things, among which the Gold Rush of 1848 that led to its founding. To me, this makes San Francisco a particularly fitting venue for the event, as Cisco partners now have a Gold Rush opportunity of their own as the world shifts to digital. Digitization should be of keen interesting to Cisco resellers as most of the building blocks of digital transformation are network centric in nature, raising the value of the network, something that was once considered “plumbing.”

The theme of Partners Summit was “full speed,” indicating it was time for Cisco and its channel to step on the gas and go after a number of new opportunities in front of them. However, capturing these opportunities requires a change with Cisco’s partners, as the selling motion around digital trends is quite different than selling boxes and making money racking and stacking equipment. Let’s look at some of the biggest opportunities that lie ahead for Cisco’s channel and what needs to change to capitalize on them.

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It’s OK For Network Managers To Give Up Their Security Blanket

In the popular comic strip Peanuts, Linus was always seen carrying his blanket.  Clearly, the blanket gave the young lad a sense of comfort and security even in the face of his sister Lucy calling it a “stupid blanket” and constantly urging him to ditch it.  To Linus, knowing the blanket was there was far more important than any kind of common sense that might make him consider giving it up.

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Nyansa’s Voyance+ provides significantly more accurate
insight into real-time and historical behavior of applications

Credit: Thinkstock

Legacy network and application management tools are significantly underpowered for today’s digital organizations. These old-school tools operate with a “bottoms-up” view of the IT environment, with each element having its own management tool.

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This new network tap will be of value on networks
running bandwidth-intensive, mission-critical
applications that need to be secure

Ixia’s Flex Tap Secure+ protects against injection breaches

We’ve probably all used the phrase “too much of anything is a bad thing.” Too much ice cream makes you fat, too many cats and you get called crazy, and too much NFL football on Sunday gets you banned to the doghouse by your wife.

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Provides a way to assign individual passwords and
unique identifiers to Internet of Things devices,
affording better protection for the corporate network.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a wonderful development. Thanks to IoT mania we have smart buildings, smart cars, smart appliances… smart anything you can think up. Over the next five years we will literally see billions of new devices connected to our networks, allowing us to work, live, and learn in ways previously unimaginable. IoT makes everyone’s life better — unless you’re a network manager.

A recent ZK Research survey found that 50% of network professionals have little to no confidence that they know all of the IoT devices connected to their company networks. I suspect many of the other 50% think they know what devices are network-attached, but actually don’t. Why is this? While IT runs the network, the operational technology (OT) group handles IoT endpoint deployment (see related post, “Don’t Leave IoT to IT“).

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