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During his keynote address at Cisco Live, CEO Chuck Robbins rallies
business customers to take charge in digital transformation.

In yesterday’s opening keynote at Cisco Live, the summer camp for geeks, Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins struck an optimistic tone… and why not? In his first year as CEO, he has accomplished a great many things, including a corporate restructuring and acquisition of 15 companies.

That said, Robbins directed most of his optimism toward the audience of 28,000 live attendees and more than 100,000 viewers watching the live video stream. At one point, for example, he emphatically stated, “our time is now,” meaning the network’s role has changed. Instead of viewing the network as “plumbing,” many of the enterprise IT professionals comprising the bulk of the Cisco Live audience now consider it a strategic enabler of business change.

The rise of digital transformation has driven the change in sentiment, and that has allowed Cisco to flex its muscles and become a much more strategic partner to the business. All of the building blocks of digitization — collaboration, Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, security, automation, and analytics — are network-centric in nature. In other words, the network has become the foundation for the digital enterprise.


Shadows of children holding hands in a line

When it comes to IT projects — be they WAN or any other domain — there’s a general rule of thumb that should be applied but often is not: if the solution is more complicated than the problem, then don’t do it. With many customers I’ve talked to about SD-WAN, the solution has indeed been more complicated than the legacy WAN they were running before. Most agree the network is more agile but operationally more difficult to run.

The pros and cons of the Polycom-Mitel merger collapse

Polycom accepts Siris Capital offer, cancels Mitel merger

The technology industry is never short of intrigue and drama. There are always rumors of who might buy whom, which executive left to go where and what new product a certain vendor might come out with.

ThousandEyes’ container-based network performance
monitoring software provides visibility into Cisco
routers and the apps that pass through the routers

Credit: Pixabay

Cisco Live, the world’s largest network event, kicks off next week in Las Vegas. Every year at the conference, Cisco and many of its technology partners announce new products or features that hopefully capture the attention of Cisco’s customers.

A look back at what Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins
accomplished during his first year leading the company

Credit: Cisco

It’s been about a year since Chuck Robbins took over as CEO of Cisco. Following in the footsteps of John Chambers certainly could not have been easy. Chambers was perhaps the most visible, thought-leading CEO in all of technology. Also, he had been at the post for about 20 years, something rare in business today, and had reached quasi celebrity status.

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