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Avni Networks has stocked up on experience as it prepares to emerge from stealth mode.

One of the ways you can tell that software defined networking (SDN) has the power to change the vendor landscape is by the number of startups that have emerged. Over the past few years, we’ve seen startups pop up to address the evolution of the data center and the WAN. For this reason, I always tend to keep my eyes open for companies generating buzz in the marketplace in this area.

In my recent travels, I was made aware of another “stealth-mode” startup that’s building a solution to address a new use case for SDNs. According to its website, Avni Networks addresses the “transformation of the Data Center to Virtual Clouds for the Applications Economy.” From what I can tell, there seems to be some buzz around what this company is up to, which made me curious about learning more.

The sale of SteelApp will help both companies focus on what they’re good at.

Last week, Brocade announced its intent to purchase the SteelApp product line from Riverbed for an undisclosed amount of cash. SteelApp is a virtual application delivery controller and competes most often with the likes of F5 and Citrix. Formerly known as Stingray, SteelApp came to Riverbed in the acquisition of UK-based Zeus, who pioneered the virtual ADC market. On paper, the acquisition made sense for Riverbed, as Zeus had solutions that optimized the performance of applications with a data center solution and Riverbed was a vendor that optimizes application performance over the wide area network.

However, although the business unit had some early success when it was dropped into the Riverbed channel, it never really became a meaningful part of Riverbed’s revenue stream. Now, after almost four years, SteelApp will become part of Brocade’s business.

Breaking down the impact of the VCE Foundation
for Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud.

In October 2014, VCE – the joint venture of VMware, Cisco, and EMC – announced that EMC had acquired controlling interest in the company. The idea behind the move was to allow VCE to move faster and be more nimble without the overhead of having three parent companies.

So it seems that VCE is sticking to its word, as this week the company announced a new converged infrastructure solution with VMware and EMC technologies. The VCE Foundation for Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud is designed to simplify and therefore accelerate its customer’s journey to hybrid clouds.

Despite the long name, the VCE Foundation has stepped up the VCE value proposition with converged infrastructure by extending the standardized, repeatable best practices of the current VCE product, vBlock, to the new VCE Foundation. Now VCE customers can have factory integration of other EMC and VMware products, including VMware NSX (network virtualization), VMware vRealize (management and orchestration), and EMC ViPR (software defined storage).

Cisco Live Europe gave a glimpse into some of the
company’s lesser-known technology partners.

Credit: REUTERS/Albert Gea

Last week, Cisco held its European edition of its user conference, Cisco Live, in Milan, Italy. The Live conference is a great place for Cisco customers to learn about the latest and greatest Cisco technology. However, the show also provides a venue for Cisco’s technology partners to strut their own stuff on the “World of Solutions” show floor. This year’s conference was the first European event to have a dedicated DevNet Zone for developer partners to showcase their solutions as well.

Solutions that cleanse and prepare data will become more
valuable as businesses look to spend more time analyzing it.

Credit: Thinkstock

Saying that big data is hot today is as big an understatement as saying that the New England Patriots like to stretch the rules of football. It’s hard to go anywhere or speak to anyone without the term “big data” coming up. In fact, I flew to Milan and back this week and saw a big data story in the airline magazine. The term big data is a bit over-used, as it means different things to different people. But there’s one commonality to all the definitions, and that’s…(drumroll, please)…data!

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