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Why It’s Risky To Not Deploy A Software Defined WAN

Whenever technology evolves from one thing to the next thing, there’s always a certain degree of perceived risk involved. Adopting new technology can disrupt workers because of a change in process, cause unnecessary downtime due to integration issues, or fail because it’s new and unproven. Because of these possibilities, many CIOs and other business leaders prefer to wait until technology matures before deploying.

Program can reduce the number of possible paths malware
can traverse, minimizing the blast radius of any breach

Credit: Thinkstock

Earlier this week, I wrote a post discussing how visibility can be used to reverse the security asymmetry challenge. On Tuesday, hot security startup Illumio proved my point by announcing a cyber assessment program that uses granular visibility to identify new attack surfaces.

With end-to-end visibility, a business can build a baseline
of ‘normal’ traffic and investigate any deviations from it.

Credit: Thinkstock

Securing a business network has never been easy, but the task is becoming increasingly more difficult.

Years ago, there was a single ingress/egress point to get into the network. The delineation between what was public and what was private was obvious.

Mitel’s mobile reach combined with Polycom’s voice and
video solutions could give the combined company
an advantage in the unified communications space

Mitel’s acquisition of Polycom has game-changing potential

After months of speculation, Mitel finally pulled the trigger on acquiring Polycom for $1.96 billion.

The combined “MiPolyTel” is a now a
formidable player in the collaboration industry.

Rich McBee took over as the CEO of Mitel in January of 2011. I never had the opportunity to chat with Rich when he took the helm so I didn’t have a clear vision of what he was trying to accomplish with Mitel. Over the past 5+ years, his strategy has become abundantly clear, and it revolves around two focal points that are both intertwined.

The first is to create some unique differentiation for Mitel. The UC space is crowded and has too many vendors that all look like each other. Mitel’s vision is to build a unified communications solution provider that is uniquely mobile and cloud centric. As I pointed out in this post from last year, there is a big difference between having mobile applications and being uniquely mobile, and Mitel seems to have a clear understanding of what this means.

The second piece of Rich’s vision is to roll up a number of the smaller vendors to create a bigger, stronger company that can compete better with the likes of Cisco, Microsoft and, to a lesser extent, Avaya.

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