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Credit: Extreme Networks

There are many factors to consider when a technology vendor decides to pull the trigger on an acquisition. Things such as impact to channel, customer reaction, product rationalization and other issues must be thought out.

However, sometimes an acquisition seems to be a great fit and the decision is “black and white,” meaning it’s crystal clear with no shades of grey. This appears to have been the case for Extreme Networks, which earlier this week scooped up the wireless LAN (WLAN) business from Zebra Technologies for $55 million.

Riverbed Technology has been aggressively rebuilding
its portfolio to better align with SD-WAN, and its recent
announcements show it has come roaring back

Riverbed’s back with a beefed-up SD-WAN solution

Riverbed Technology is well known as the de facto standard for WAN optimization and pioneered that market. Maybe there were a few vendors with solutions out before Riverbed, but it was the company that defined and evangelized that market.

Aerohive’s SD-LAN brings a level of agility, visibility and
automation to the campus LAN that it never had before

Aerohive introduces the software-defined LAN

The term “software-defined” has been applied to a number of technologies, including networking, WAN, security, storage and data center.

One area it has yet to be associated with is the local area network (LAN). But what exactly does “software-defined” mean and should it extend to the LAN? Just because something runs in software, it doesn’t make it any different than running in hardware.

ZeroStack’s Hybrid Cloud solution lets customers migrate
workloads from ESX to ZeroStack with a single click

Credit: Thinkstock

Earlier this year, I wrote about a startup called ZeroStack that lets customers easily build an OpenStack-based, plug-and-play private cloud. The company offers a turnkey solution that can be used in a private data center or in a colocation facility. ZeroStack customers can use the platform to move away from legacy virtualization platforms to a dynamic, standards-based cloud environment without requiring a bunch of OpenStack engineers.

Aruba’s Mobile First Platform, built on the new
ArubaOS 8.0, helps partners and customers build
mobile-enabled apps on top of the Aruba foundation

Aruba Networks aims its Mobile First Platform at developers

The digital business era is highly competitive with companies looking for a way to one-up the competition. One way to do that is to gain new insights from data gathered from various systems.

A significant source of data that has been vastly underutilized is the network. Business today is network-centric, meaning companies should leverage network information to make better, more-informed decisions.

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