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Session Border Controllers (SBCs) have seen unprecedented growth over the past five years from the rise of SIP trunking, IP peering, VoIP security issues and other factors related to the growth of IP-based communication services. Although the market is in a bit of a lull right now, increased penetration rate of SIP and Voice-over LTE will create another wave of growth for SBCs over the next five years. Because of this, the market for SBC vendors, or at least vendors claiming to be SBCs, has exploded accordingly.

Are all solutions equal, though? My answer to that is a resounding “no.” I think there are many vendors that claim to be an SBC to try and leverage a hot market or to gain an entry into the space, but they’re not SBCs. From the research I’ve done in this space, here’s my criteria of what makes an SBC.

In 2012, look for the Unified Communications (UC) industry to finally evolve away from using terms like “calls” and “trunks” and replace it with the concept of a “session.” I believe this to be an important step on the road to more pervasive UC deployments, particularly mobile UC.

Why do I believe that? The first step in believing this is to understand what a session is. With voice over IP (VoIP) and UC, the industry uses terms like “calls” to discuss the features in a UC solution. However, this term is a throwback to legacy communications and is used to make new UC solutions look like an old PBX. It reminds me of when I was in college taking a software development class and the lab instructor referred to lines of codes as “job cards.” There were no cards, just lines of code. Similarly today, we aren’t making calls in an all IP world.

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