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Acquires cloud contact center provider Spoken for platform on which it can build a differentiated customer experience.

Avaya Engage kicked off Monday in New Orleans, a fitting location for the annual customer and partner event — with its bankruptcy in the rear-view mirror, the company can look forward to better times and finally party like its Mardi Gras.

In kicking off Engage, Avaya issued a press release with the headline, “Avaya Engage 2018 Reveals Avaya’s Vision for the Next Wave of Digital Transformation.” In the press release Avaya doesn’t explain what the “next wave” will be, but digital transformation initiatives revolve around improving customer experience and fueling worker productivity, so aligning its strategy around digital transformation makes sense. Avaya made a bigger splash yesterday with a second press release, announcing it had entered into a definitive agreement to acquire cloud contact center provider Spoken Communications. Spoken, with which Avaya has a year-old BPO cloud partnership, gives Avaya an excellent platform to create a differentiated customer experience.

Now listed on a major exchange, Avaya will need to make significant noise in the cloud if it’s to keep investors happy.

Wed., Jan. 17, will go down as a landmark day in the timeline of Avaya’s emergence out of bankruptcy. This morning the company rang the Opening Bell at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), signaling its return to being a publicly traded company — ticker symbol, “AVYA.”

In actuality, Avaya started trading on Dec. 15, 2017, but as an over-the-counter (OTC) stock. OTC stocks aren’t available through the NYSE or other exchanges, so investors interested in Avaya would have had to purchase the stock from a market maker with inventory. This limited the stock’s reach and lowered its liquidity, making a purchase less appealing for large institutional firms.

Gains powerful software stack from this VoIP solutions provider, and more.

As I wrote in a No Jitter post late last year, Polycom CEO Mary McDowell is busy delivering on her endpoint-first strategy. Polycom accelerates that transformation this week, announcing its intent to acquire Obihai Technology, a VoIP solutions company.

Chart-topping news from 2017

The software-ization of the communications industry has enabled innovation to happen at a faster pace than ever before. This has an interesting market impact, as it enables new entrants to quickly jump into a market and disrupt it and causes established vendors to quickly build new products or acquire to compete with these new entrants. Market transitions are something that has been common in communications since it shifted to IP, but they’re happening much faster today. This has created an environment where we should see more “big news” more often, and 2017 was a good example of this. Here are five news items and themes that I felt topped the charts in 2017.

Adds BlueJeans to its short list of traditional competitors that are now its partners; which companies could be next?

Polycom raised some eyebrows earlier this year when it announced a partnership with longtime competitor, Zoom. The deal was such a surprise because industry watchers in part link the ease of use and cloud-first approach of Zoom and companies like it to the decline that forced Polcyom into retooling as a private company.

“Would the Zoom alliance be the shape of things to come for Polycom?” we wondered.

Whether it’s customization, scale, or something else you’re after, sometimes public cloud doesn’t make sense.

Business and IT leaders are certainly feeling the pressure to help their organizations become digital. Agility needs to increase, but it’s no secret that legacy IT models simply can’t meet the needs of today’s fast-paced, constantly changing business environments. This is one reason why organizations have been embracing the cloud faster than ever.


Cisco survey shows workers are ready for AI-enabled meetings.

In the “Iron Man” series, business tycoon Tony Stark had a virtual assistant named JARVIS (acronym of Just A Rather Very Intelligent System). JARVIS would notify Tony of appointments with Pepper Potts, pull up schematics of a super-secret weapon Stark Industries is working on, or remind him of things he may have forgotten, like Pepper’s birthday. The effectiveness of JARVIS in keeping Tony on track makes one wonder if people today would be ready for a JARVIS-like virtual assistant in the workplace.

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