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Guest Wi-Fi is a critical component of the digital experience for many companies. Follow these tips to ensure access to yours is a simple and secure—and doesn’t frustrate users.

My kids use the expression “easy, peasy” to describes something that is super simple. For example, I might ask my youngest child, “How was your math test?” And because high school math is beyond simple, he would respond, “Easy, peasy.” In life, there are things that should be easy, but we often overcomplicate them.

Nyansa uses analytics algorithms, cloud computing and machine learning to measure every end-user network transaction, providing proactive problem detection

The concept of user performance management (UPM) is easy to understand but very difficult to implement. The Holy Grail of UPM would be a single, unified dashboard where IT operations would be able to “see” the status of every user. If a website were taking too long to load or an application were performing poorly, the operations staff could click on that user and immediately see where the problem is. 

Mist Systems rolls out new AI-enhanced Wi-Fi features to help network managers monitor wireless network performance and improve network security

A couple of months ago I was having dinner with a fairly well-known Silicon Valley executive who predicted that success for an IT vendor is based on two things: having lots of data and a robust artificial intelligence (AI) engine to discover new insights.

If that is true, then Mist Systems seems to be in a strong position, as the company’s solutions were designed to use AI to solve some of the bigger challenges in Wi-Fi today.

Using Aerohive products, City Furniture upgraded its Wi-Fi network and digitized operations, moving POS operations to iPads and setting the stage for Bluetooth beacons

Founded in 1971, City Furniture got its start when Kevin Koenig and his brother Keith Koenig constructed wood bed frames in a garage. They started with a single showroom, Waterbed City, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, but have now grown to 27 locations across the state and operate under the brands of City Furniture and Ashley Furniture HomeStore brands.

Apstra partners with Tokyo Electron Device (TED) to distribute Apstra’s intent-based networking solutions to the Japanese market

Intent-based networking pioneer Apstra announced today that it has entered into a distribution agreement with Tokyo Electron Device (TED) for the Japanese market.

The acquisition target provides dynamic network behavior monitoring to help security teams find anomalies that could indicate a breach

Over the past few years Cisco has changed the face of its security business. What was once a struggling concern is now the fastest-growing part of Cisco. How did the company do this? Part of the rebirth of Cisco security can be traced to a change in focus, away from point products to a more data-driven model. Big data, analytics and machine learning have been hot topics in IT, and Cisco has gotten religion in this area and applied it masterfully to its security business.

The virtual overlay can deliver a wide range of services, including SD-WAN, network as a service, AppUX and the new Cloud onRamp

Over the past few years, SD-WANs have become the Kardashians of the tech industry. That is, it’s hard to go anywhere or talk to anyone without the topic of SD-WANs coming up. Unlike the Kardashians, SD-WANs deserve this level of attention, since the technology is useful by lowering the cost of running a WAN and improves application performance. However, for all the hype and chatter about the topic, its primary focus has been to improve connectivity to branch offices.

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