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Nvidia’s new video analytics platform, Metropolis, uses artificial
intelligence and deep learning to help make cities safer and smarter

Earlier this week at its GPU Technology Conference, Nvidia announced a new video analytics platform, Metropolis, that promises to make cities safer and smarter and should eventually bring game-changing capabilities to other industries.

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It’s safe to say that no one likes change.

It makes us uncomfortable and puts us in positions that we are not familiar with. This is certainly true in our personal lives, but it’s also true in our jobs. It seems every time there is some kind of major technology shift everything changes, and IT needs to adapt, adopt new best practices, and develop new skills. Think back to the transition from mainframes to PC computing, TDM voice to VoIP, and physical servers to virtualization. Each of these seismic shifts required IT organizations to completely change the way they operate.

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With Apstra Operating System 1.2, the network goes from
being something that has a lot of manual overhead to
become an agile and automated, self-operating network

What do UFOs, the Loch Ness Monster and intent-based networks have in common? These are all things that people claim to have seen, but no one can really prove it and their existence remains largely a myth.

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Cisco already has two SD-WAN solutions—Intelligent WAN and
Meraki SD-WAN—so why does it need another? One word: options.

Cisco, the acquisition machine, is at it again. It’s been about three months since the company plunked down $3.7 billion for AppDynamics, so I’m sure all that cash was burning a hole in Chuck Robbins pockets and making another acquisition seem long overdue.

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The private cloud version of Voyance is an excellent
option for customers in heavily regulated verticals or
that want greater control over the data and related security

Having a full understanding of end user experience has been theorized in IT circles for decades but has remained as elusive as the Holy Grail or the Fountain of Youth. Some people claim to have seen it, but no one really knows for sure.

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A 2×2 Wave 2 AP will cost about twice the price of a
2×2 Wave 1 AP—and it has limited benefits.
So, companies should pass on this Wi-Fi technology.

Everyone loves the latest and greatest technology. A new iPhone comes out, and people camp out at the stores to buy one. Microsoft releases a new version of Xbox, and they’re sold out for months.

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