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With Intersight, Cisco facilitates cloud management
on its UCS and HyperFlex HCI system, with potential
use on its other networking products.

I don’t think anyone would argue with the premise that data centers have increased significantly over the past decade. Data centers used to be orderly, as each application had its own dedicated hardware and software. This was highly inefficient, but most data centers could be managed with a handful of people.

Then something changed. Businesses were driven to improve the utilization of infrastructure and increase the level of agility, and along came a number of technologies such as virtualization, containers and the cloud. Also, organizations started to embrace the concept of DevOps, which necessitates a level of dynamism and speed never seen before in data centers. 

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Arista Any Cloud brings consistency to the cloud network
and reduces complexity, so network professionals can deploy
networks in hybrid clouds like they do in data centers.

Many years ago, when Arista Networks was in its infancy, its charismatic and sometimes controversial (at least to the folks at Cisco) CEO talked about how the company’s software-first approach would disrupt the networking industry. Just a few years later, the company stands a $1.7 billion revenue company with a dominant position in the webscale industry and a market cap of over $13 billion, so clearly CEO Jayshree Ullal’s prophecy came true.

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Connecting to a local cloud provides the best performance.
If you can’t do that, content delivery networks
(CDNs) or edge data centers can help.

In real estate, there’s a mantra that most agents use of “location, location, location,” meaning houses that may be equal in many ways will cost more the closer you get to something of value. For example, the San Jose Mercury News recently published a story about a house in Sunnyvale, California, that sold for $782,000 over asking price. Why such a ridiculous amount? Because it’s near Apple’s new campus — location matters.

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Aruba 360 Security Fabric leverages Aruba’s networking
and security products to provide network-wide security
to an increasingly digital world.

Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company, is best known for its outstanding business-grade Wi-Fi products. What’s less well known about Aruba is that it has always had excellent security products. In fact, I’ve often described the company as a security vendor dressed up as a Wi-Fi vendor, as Aruba and security have gone hand in hand like the New England Patriots and winning.

However, Aruba’s security positioning has always been tactical rather than strategic because its products were used for specific purposes, such as end point protection or wireless security. That shifted this week at APAC Atmosphere in Macau when the company introduced its 360 Security Fabric, which enables it to provide end-to-end security to address the needs of a world that is becoming increasingly digitized.

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As network complexity rises, network management gets harder.
Automation, such as the Extreme – Avaya Networking solution,
eliminates tasks and allows for more innovation.

It’s been about two months since Extreme Networks closed on the acquisition of Avaya Networking. As I pointed out, Extreme’s first partial quarter post close was a smashing success, which indicates the company is headed in the right direction. But now the real work begins.

In the two months since the close, the company has been extremely busy (pun intended) doing a bunch of things to integrate the companies, such as onboarding workers, bringing systems together and holding a unified sales conference. These things are obviously interesting and important, but the question on most customers’ minds is how long before there is integration at a product level?

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ZeroStack CEO David Greene discusses the accelerated
growth of private clouds, why companies are turning to
them, and the role ZeroStack plays in their deployment.

In June, private cloud infrastructure provider ZeroStack hired David Greene as its new CEO. For those of you who have followed the networking space closely, you may recognize Greene as the chief marketing officer of a couple of companies that were pioneers in their respective industries. Most recently, he was at Aerohive, one of the first Wi-Fi vendors to embrace a completely controller-less model.

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