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Automating IT operations will help departments do their jobs better
and faster, not put them out of work, says ServiceNow’s Pablo Stern

A couple of weeks ago someone asked me to define the term digital transformation. I didn’t want to give a long technical answer, so instead I gave the one word answer of “speed.” In the digital era, market leaders will be defined by which organization can adapt to market trends the fastest. This means the whole company must move with speed—business leaders need to make decisions fast, employees need to adapt to new processes quickly, and the IT department must make changes to the infrastructure with speed.

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Connected things, virtual reality, augmented reality,
deep learning and artificial intelligence are about
to converge and change the way we live and work

Historically, GPUs have been used in graphics-heavy processes such as video games. It’s fair to say that to serious gamers, Nvidia-based graphics cards have become the de facto standard. However, as I pointed out previously, GPUs have become increasingly more important in applications such as artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR) and analytics.

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When it comes to WAN architecture, there has been a debate that has raged on for decades.  Hub-and-spoke or fully distributed mesh, which is better?

Hub-and-spoke networks are certainly simpler to design and manage, but the downside is that all branch traffic needs to be backhauled through a central location. Consider a U.S.-based company with a branch office in Japan where a user is trying to access a local website. The traffic would need to go from the branch, back to the United States, back to Japan, and then back to the United States, only to be sent off to Japan yet again. This clearly represents an enormous waste of bandwidth and resource, not to mention impaired user productivity.

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Dell-EMC’s HCI announcements include a refresh
to the company’s HCI line, updates to its XC Series
HCI appliances and Cloud Flex pricing

Last week Dell and EMC held its first joint customer event since the two tech giants merged. The not-so-originally named Dell-EMC World was a forum for the newly formed company to showcase how it can help its customers navigate the complex world of digital transformation.

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Aryaka’s 2017 State of the WAN report shows the
cloud era has arrived in a big way, making SD-WANs
business-critical. Companies must adopt this technology
or risk falling behind and hurting business performance.

This week, SD-WAN vendor Aryaka released its “2017 State of the WAN Report,” which summarizes a global study conducted by the vendor that looks at WAN trends across a number of verticals and across every region of the globe for 2016.

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In a new ServiceNow study, business leaders say they
are overloaded with data and that manual processes
squelch creativity, productivity and revenue generation

Anyone who has been in the workforce for any significant length of time probably feels like their workload has grown tenfold, but they likely brush it off to getting old or maybe being burned out. The fact is, however, the extra workload is very real.

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