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This week, Aruba Networks is holding its Atmosphere event in Las Vegas. Atmosphere is actually a collection of conferences – Airheads user event, Partner Summit, Investor day, and an IT Executive Forum – so it provided a great venue for Aruba to announce its Mobility Defined Networks (MDN) architecture. The primary driver of an MDN is the changes in network traffic and user behavior from the rise of GenMobile workers. If you aren’t familiar with GenMobile, it’s the term that Aruba has started to use as the set of workers that precede GenY, which preceded GenX.

The GenMobile demographic is comprised of individuals who are tied to their mobile device for everything in their lives. Previous generations augmented their lives with a mobile device, but GenMobile depends on it for everything from entertainment, their personal lives and, of course, their working lives. This is different than GenYers that relied on mobility to work at the office or at home. GenMobile-ers can be working or not working at any moment and any location. The mobile device is what makes this happen.

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