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Earlier this month HP quietly announced the end-of-sale for the VCX IP PBX that was part of its portfolio from the acquisition of 3Com. The end-of-sale date is expected to be December 2012 and puts to rest any speculation that HP might try and revive that product and move into the VoIP/UC space.

The company announced it would support existing customers for the next five years, but the product is, for all intents and purposes, walking the “Green Mile” to death row.

From a personal standpoint, it’s sad to see this product get put out to pasture. Although Cisco, Microsoft and Avaya take most of the VoIP/UC headlines today, it was 3Com that was one of the early pioneers in the space. The 3Com NBX was an unbelievable product in its day. Great quality, easy to set up and helped legitimize VoIP. However, 3Com had run into some financial struggles and then CEO Bruce Claflin chose to sell off Commworks but kept the Commworks soft switch to be an enterprise-class IP PBX, which eventually became VCX.

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