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Securing the Cloud a Top Concern

I moderated a CIO roundtable on the topic of the cloud several ago in New York. The round table was intended to be a general discussion on cloud strategy but quickly morphed into session specifically on cloud security. The fact that it turned into dedicated discussion on security wasn’t a big surprise to me given the fact that security remains, by far, the top concern for CIOs regarding the cloud. Don’t get me wrong, cloud services are being consumed much faster than premise-based infrastructure or applications but how to handle cloud security is keeping CIOs up at night.

Cloud has obviously become one of the biggest, if not the biggest, topics of conversation in the tech industry today. I’ve done a number of presentations, panels and roundtables on the subject and the big topic of conversation is always security and deployment strategy, which makes sense based on where we are in the evolution of cloud. However, I do think one of the often overlooked topics of investigation is the impact on the network and how to optimize user experience.

Legacy networks are built with a “hub and spoke” design. That is, all branches connect to a single “hub” location from which they receive network-enabled services, including Internet access. So, with the hub and spoke design, all traffic, in effect, “trombones” where it comes into the central location and then back up one of the spokes to a branch office.

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