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According to much of what I hear and read, we’re on the precipice of everything moving to the cloud. Why should an IT or business leader care? Lower cost – check, got that, better mobility – got that too. Anything else? There is another element of cloud though that tends to fly under the radar and that is the benefit to a company’s disaster recovery plan.

As a former IT person, one who was heavily involved in disaster planning, I know how challenging it is to put a good disaster recovery plan together. In fact, I often joke about that fact that everyone is an expert in backing up data but restoring it is where the challenge comes from. However, even the best companies with dedicated IT teams struggle to get to a recovery point objective of 24 hours. Think about that. One day of outage before things are brought back up. It doesn’t seem too bad, but who knows what can happen in a day? If you’re in financial services and the market moves quickly, that one day could cost more than the rest of the year. A small business that misses out on delivering a big order could damage its reputation. A school system being unavailable during exams could have significant ramifications as well.

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