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Merriam-Webster defines the word “borderless” to be simply “being without a border”.  By definition, Cisco’s Borderless Network Architecture means a network with no borders.  It’s a simple statement but from the conversations I’ve had with decision makers, it’s not the simplest concept to grasp.  Some I’ve talked to think of “borderless” to mean a network with no firewalls or a big, flat network.   A network without borders can have a number of different meanings (according to Merriam) but in Cisco’s case it’s actually referring to the boundaries that prevent us from doing what it is we are trying to accomplish. 

The easiest way that I know to describe what Borderless Networks can do is to get companies to think about the vision of any worker being able to accomplish any task, on any device from wherever they are.  Now think about the borders that currently prevent the company from accomplishing this goal.  Cisco’s Borderless Networks is an architecture that will allow companies to remove those borders and fulfill on this any, any, any vision.

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