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Evolving the network to a next-generation architecture is all the rage now. A digital business needs an agile, dynamic network to use as a foundation for innovation, so the network must now evolve. This is one of the reasons my fellow analysts and I are pushing the concepts of SDN, broadband WAN, and Network Functions Virtualization so hard – not evolving the network will start to cause companies to miss out on business opportunities.

Last Thursday, February 16th, State and Local Government Cloud Commission (SLG-CC) held a conference in Mountain View to discuss best practices and policies for state and local governments.  In conjunction with the conference representatives of state and local government combined with a number of commissioners released a rather lengthy report that documents best practices for governments as they head down the path to cloud.  It’s worth noting that the report was created using input from individuals from many of the leading cloud solution providers such as PG Menon (Brocade), Kevin Paschuck (Oracle) and Bethann Pepoll (EMC).  After reading the rather lengthy report, I thought I would share some of the highlights that can be used by State and Local Governments but also but general enterprises. 

The report recommends a four-step cloud implementation lifecycle.  Those four steps being cloud readiness assessment, assess risk and plan governance, implement the cloud and operate the solution.  This methodology is ideal for process heavy organizations like SLG but should be adhered to by all companies.  Cloud will be new to most organizations and a lifecycle approach can minimize risk and ensure key deployment steps aren’t missed.

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