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The creation and fostering of vendor-sponsored communities has been an incredibly hot trend over the past couple of years. There’s no greater example of the bilateral value a community can provide to the vendor and the customer base than what F5 has created with its DevCentral community. Over the past year or so we’ve seen Riverbed, Aruba, Infoblox and others unveil their versions of a community, and this week Acme Packet joined the growing list of technology vendors that are trying to capitalize on the power of a community.

The concept of the Acme community is not dissimilar to other ones that have been created recently, as it’s meant to enable better collaboration between Acme’s partners, customers and employees. If executed correctly, the Acme site could become the de facto information source for anyone interested in markets related to Acme products, which is quite diverse. Topic areas include SIP Trunking, operational issues, IMS, VoLTE, unified communications, and interoperability. The best source right now for market-level information is, but there isn’t really a site that addresses practical implementation issues and problems developers and administrators will face. It’s similar to the role Network World plays, providing market-level information, and then F5’s DevCentral delves a level deeper into support and operational issues.

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