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The summer Olympics in London kick off with the opening ceremonies this Friday, and this year’s games will be different than the Beijing Games for a number of reasons. Back in 2008, smartphones were a rarity, “iPad” wasn’t a word heard outside of Apple, and Facebook was something just a few college kids used. This year’s Olympics is expected to attract about 4 million spectators, more than 15,000 Olympic and Paralympic athletes and countless members of the media covering the event.

Needless to say, high-quality, continuously available communications is an absolute must for the 2012 Olympic games, as the use of Twitter, Facebook, Skype, VoIP, Video and other communication services will be at an all-time high. Solving such a challenge is as difficult as beating Usain Bolt in the 100m sprint, as the network capacity is expected to be 7-10 times that of the last summer Olympic games. This is the task placed upon British Telecom (BT).

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