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Democratizes artificial intelligence services so any customer can easily build AI-powered CRM workflows.

This week at Dreamforce 2017, Salesforce is launching its latest and greatest innovations aimed at enabling businesses to do more with the data stored in its CRM platform. The most interesting to me are the new capabilities it’s introduced for its year-old artificial intelligence (AI) platform, Einstein.

Partnership should net global enterprises improved performance of voice and video calling over long distances.

The coming together of software-defined WANs and UCaaS services has been making quite a bit of noise recently. In late September, for example, 8×8 and Aryaka announced a strategic alliance aimed at improving the quality of voice and video communications for global organizations.

Move makes good sense for VMware, as brings about needed consolidation in SD-WAN market.

About five years ago, VMware spent $1.26 billion on Nicira, a network virtualization startup, to move into the data center software-defined networking (SDN) market. In a similar move, the company yesterday announced its intent to acquire VeloCloud, a jump that will land it squarely in the SD-WAN market.

Cisco introduces Spark Assistant and Spark Room 70, and lays out its AI roadmap.

Cisco this week is holding its annual reseller conference, Partner Summit, in Dallas. When Rowan Trollope, SVP & GM of IoT and Applications at Cisco, delivered his keynote today, the company unveiled its AI-powered voice assistant with the not so inventive name of “Cisco Spark Assistant.” There is, of course, a veritable cornucopia of voice assistants out there, as we can ask Siri, Google, Alexa, Cortana or other popular AIs a question and get a prompt answer back. So why should anyone care about “Hey Spark”?

With a focus on five key business and contact center areas, Avaya launches A.I.Connect with seven initial partners.

The concept of leveraging developers for product innovation is certainly not a new one, particularly for Avaya, which launched its DevConnect program in 2004. In so doing, it brought one of the first, if not the first, formal UC developer program. This week Avaya is at it again, taking its expertise in developer programs and applying it to the area of artificial intelligence (AI) with the launch of A.I.Connect, a DevConnect sister program.

ServiceNow survey results shed light on the state of machine learning in business.

Earlier this month ServiceNow released the results of a survey it ran to better understand the state of machine learning in businesses today. The survey questioned 500 CIOs across 11 countries and 25 industries, providing a broad brush on the opinions of machine learning (ML). Let’s take a look at some of the more interesting findings from the survey.

Its Business Journeys service can help organizations make the leap to digital.

A couple of weeks ago, I was talking to a group of IT leaders on the topic of digital transformation. One of the questions I received was one I often get: How does one know where to start? It’s certainly a fair question.

Conceptually, it’s easy to understand why a business must become a digital one. However, it’s unlikely that companies have the right resources or staff to go from zero to Amazon overnight. My advice is always to be much more methodical about it, applying digital technologies in a series of small “chip shots” instead of a big, scary moon shot. I also recommend finding the processes with the most human or technical latency in them, as this is where digital transformation will have the biggest impact.

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