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Huawei rolls out its Intent-Driven CloudCampus to simplify network operations, improve security, and reduce operational overhead.

The concept of intent-based networks (IBN) has been around for the better part of half a decade, but it’s really only come into its down in the past couple of years. The vision of a “self-driving” network had appeal but was largely science fiction.

However, over the past couple of years, we have seen this vision turn into reality with several networking vendors coming to market with products that work. Many of the use cases are still fairly basic, but the foundation has now been laid and intent is where the new battleground for networking vendors will be fought.

The HPE OfficeConnect network products are easy to configure and manage, and they are ideally suited for small- and mid-size businesses.

The role of Wi-Fi has changed in most companies and is no longer something that’s merely convenient. Rather, it’s critical to a business’s ability to ensure its customer are happy and workers are productive.

Given the growing importance of Wi-Fi, it’s essential vendors make products that are easy to set up, particularly for small businesses where the technical acumen of the person setting the product up is likely to be low.

Aryaka launches Passport, a multi-layered security platform and ecosystem that provides best-of-breed security at every level of an SD-WAN.

Remember this scene from the movie Shrek? The big ogre was explaining to Donkey that ogres are very complicated, and like onions, they have layers. Donkey, of course, didn’t like the analogy because not everyone likes onions and would have preferred cake as everyone likes cake, but he did seem to understand that ogres did indeed have layers after it was explained to him.

Cisco continues to innovate in the area of intent-based networks and now brings the advanced network model to the biggest area of pain for most companies — the WAN.

If you read my Valentine’s Day post, you know I love intent-based networks (IBN), as the technology is the biggest change in networking in decades.

Cisco wasn’t the first vendor to offer an IBN solution, but they’ve certainly been the most vocal about the need and has been the network industry’s biggest evangelist.

The value proposition of IBN is to simplify networking dramatically with the long-term vision of having a fully autonomous network. With IBN, the operations of the network are driven by business intent to ensure policies are adhered to and application performance remains optimized.

A record amount of data was transmitted over the Wi-Fi network at Super Bowl LII, showing there is no excuse for poor Wi-Fi today.

Super Bowl LII was played about a month ago, and much to the chagrin of New England Patriots fans, the team lost despite a number of records being set by Tom Brady and his team. In a losing effort, the QB threw for over 500 yards, something that had never been done before. Also, no losing team has ever had as many yards or points. It was certainly one of the most memorable games in recent history, particularly for the long-suffering Philadelphia Eagles fans.

Updates to Juniper’s portfolio allow customers to upgrade their network to keep up with bandwidth demands, then transition to a more cloudy business when they are ready.

Earlier this week, Juniper Networks announced a bevvy of new networking products. (Note: Juniper Networks is a client of ZK Research.) In his blog post about the products, Andy Patrizio did an effective job covering the basics of the news. But left out some important points, and I wanted to make sure those got called out, including Juniper’s tagline “multi-cloud ready.”

Cisco’s Global Cloud Index indicates public cloud services are growing rapidly, but so are private clouds.

Earlier this month, Cisco updated its Global Cloud Index (GCI), giving rise to a number of news stories that were filled with doom and gloom for corporate IT departments. (Note: Cisco is a client of ZK Research.)

For example, one of the articles stated that based on the GCI, cloud computing would virtually replace traditional data centers within three years. While it’s true public clouds are growing, private clouds are also increasing. It’s a multi-cloud era, as Cisco’s Kip Compton writes.

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