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Cisco HyperFlex 3.0 includes several new features that let businesses migrate to a hybrid, multi-cloud model and maintain visibility, application performance and scalability.

It’s been a busy hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) week for Cisco. Yesterday it announced its intent to acquire secure HCI vendor, Skyport Systems. Today it announced HyperFlex 3.0, which is the biggest update Cisco has had to the product since it introduced the product years ago. Cisco’s driving vision is a business that can run any workload on any cloud that can easily scale up as required. This latest release is entirely dedicated to fulfilling that vision.

Skyport will bring some unique technology to Cisco, making it easier for businesses to secure and manage hybrid cloud environments.

For today’s IT professional, hybrid clouds are a fact of life and will be for years to come. Digital businesses need to have an agile infrastructure foundation, which the cloud provides.

However, rarely does one size fit all when it comes to cloud options. Some workloads are ideally suited for public cloud services, while others make more sense to go in a private cloud. With some apps, though, part of it runs in the traditional data center and part runs in a public cloud, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform. There are also apps that run in a private data center but then need to connect to a SaaS application.

Nyansa’s early success shows there’s a need for user performance management rather than traditional application performance management.

Understanding how applications perform has been somewhat of a mystery for IT departments since the advent of networked applications.

The reason why it’s been so hard is that traditional management tools operate in a bottoms-up manner. That is, each infrastructure component is monitored, usually with its own management tool, and then the data is rolled up to some kind of manager of managers. Application performance management is inferred by trying to correlate the information manually. The problem is today there is far too much data to be analyzed using manual processes.

Cohesity saw strong momentum in 2017, indicating businesses are ready for hyperconverged secondary storage.

There’s no question that the hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) has had a huge impact on simplifying technology deployments. Nutantix solutions, Cisco HyperFlex and HPE Simplivity have been widely adopted and have changed the face of the data center.

After treading water for the better part of a decade, Cisco’s fortunes have turned around because of the decisions CEO Chuck Robbins made over two years ago.

Cisco’s CEO, Chuck Robbins, is a busy guy. I never see him not talking to a customer, partner, employee, analyst or some other person in the company’s ecosystem. Over the holiday break, I hope he took the time to put his feet up, light a cigar and reflect on what’s happened to the company he is leading over the past two years.

Juniper Bots facilitate automation by making it easier for people to interact with their network.

The concept of intent-based networks has received a lot of attention from media and networking professionals since Cisco launched its “Network Intuitive” earlier this year.

Cisco has certainly made the term “intent-based” a household term, but that wasn’t the first time I had heard a vendor talk about this vision. Years ago, I was at an event held by Juniper Networks where its founder and CTO at the time, Pradeep Sindhu, talked about the death of Moore’s Law and how that would drive us towards this thing called intent-based networking. 

ZK Research survey shows the application delivery controller market is about to go through significant change.

Application delivery controllers (ADCs) have long been a critical piece of infrastructure.  They sit between applications and infrastructure and are the only piece of technology that can speak the language of both applications and networks. I have often characterized the ADC as the “Rosetta Stone” of the data center, as it’s the key to being able to translate application speak to the network and vice versa.

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