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At Nvidia’s GTC, CEO Jensen Huang performed a 2.5-hour keynote loaded with announcements. These are the key ones CIOs should take note of.

Over the past five years, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) has exploded, giving rise to several new conferences on the topic. However, the premier event has become Nvidia’s GPU Technology Conference (GTC), the latest of which was held in San Jose, California, last week. Attendance was a whopping 8,500, about 2,000 more than GTC17. (Note: Nvidia is a client of ZK Research.)

Major League Baseball implements Mitel-based private cloud to deliver consistent leaguewide communications.

Every industry is being impacted by digital transformation. The ability to improve the experience of those who interact with organizations is now a top priority for organizations of all sizes in almost all verticals. The first step in digital transformation is to modernize the underlying infrastructure, since this will bring the necessary levels of agility, scale and resiliency required to fuel digital initiatives.

Five9’s CXSummit highlights how shifting the contact center to the cloud can lead to digital success.

Not since Y2K have I seen a topic capture as much CIO and business leader interest as digital transformation. Make no mistake, becoming a digital organization has become a top priority for almost every organization across every vertical. The big question on the minds of most CIOs I talk to is “where to start?” Digital transformation has so many implications that deciding on how and where to begin can almost be paralyzing.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning can speed up healthcare research, but data scientists need turnkey tools such as NVIDIA DGX Station to be more efficient.

There should be no question that the world sits on the precipice of a major sea change where artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) will be as pervasive as air and infused into our lives, similar to the way the Internet has. AI can analyze information, find anomalies and make informed decisions faster than people can and will be an important tool to help us do our jobs better.

Leveraging networking technology from HPE and Aruba, MSC Cruises has modernized the cruise ship experience.

Every industry vertical is being impacted by digital transformation. Most of the case studies I have seen revolve around retail, healthcare and financial services where the impact is relatively easy to measure. One of the industries that is in dire need of digital technology is cruise lines.

If businesses are to become agile, dynamic organizations, the tension between the security and network teams must go away. A security delivery platform will help align the teams.

In almost every conversation I have with CIOs, a common theme comes up: how to get the silos within IT to work together. The relationships between the different groups vary, but the one that seems to have the most tension is between network and security operations.

A Five9 survey shows customer service experience has overtaken price, product quality and all other factors as the top factor for customers when deciding with whom to do business.

The impact of digital transformation is far reaching and will impact almost every company in every industry vertical. Digital initiatives will also change the way customers interact with businesses. Companies that understand the new competitive dynamics and can adapt quickly, will thrive. Those that can’t will struggle to survive. 

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