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A record amount of data was transmitted over the Wi-Fi network at Super Bowl LII, showing there is no excuse for poor Wi-Fi today.

Super Bowl LII was played about a month ago, and much to the chagrin of New England Patriots fans, the team lost despite a number of records being set by Tom Brady and his team. In a losing effort, the QB threw for over 500 yards, something that had never been done before. Also, no losing team has ever had as many yards or points. It was certainly one of the most memorable games in recent history, particularly for the long-suffering Philadelphia Eagles fans.

Rarely do I have a conversation about networking when the topic of software-defined WANs (SD-WANs) does not come up. It’s, far and away, the thing that network professionals care most about, even ahead of data center SDNs. In a data center, enterprises can still people their way out of problems as there’s always an abundance of experienced engineers locally available to tackle any issue big or small. That luxury does not exist with the WAN as branch offices can be scattered across the globe and often, the best one can hope for in terms of a local resource is a branch administrator or someone who can check lights or confirm things are plugged in and powered up. Also, for many geographically distributed organizations, the WAN IS their business –  so having an agile, dynamic WAN that enables applications to perform better is a top priority.

Updates to Juniper’s portfolio allow customers to upgrade their network to keep up with bandwidth demands, then transition to a more cloudy business when they are ready.

Earlier this week, Juniper Networks announced a bevvy of new networking products. (Note: Juniper Networks is a client of ZK Research.) In his blog post about the products, Andy Patrizio did an effective job covering the basics of the news. But left out some important points, and I wanted to make sure those got called out, including Juniper’s tagline “multi-cloud ready.”

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning can speed up healthcare research, but data scientists need turnkey tools such as NVIDIA DGX Station to be more efficient.

There should be no question that the world sits on the precipice of a major sea change where artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) will be as pervasive as air and infused into our lives, similar to the way the Internet has. AI can analyze information, find anomalies and make informed decisions faster than people can and will be an important tool to help us do our jobs better.

Cisco’s Global Cloud Index indicates public cloud services are growing rapidly, but so are private clouds.

Earlier this month, Cisco updated its Global Cloud Index (GCI), giving rise to a number of news stories that were filled with doom and gloom for corporate IT departments. (Note: Cisco is a client of ZK Research.)

For example, one of the articles stated that based on the GCI, cloud computing would virtually replace traditional data centers within three years. While it’s true public clouds are growing, private clouds are also increasing. It’s a multi-cloud era, as Cisco’s Kip Compton writes.


Aerohive has announced the first 802.11ax access points, but is the technology really game-changing?

Wi-Fi has undoubtedly become a business-critical technology. Companies of all sizes in all verticals need good quality Wi-Fi to connect employees, customers, and Internet of Things devices to the company network. We expect to be able to connect and have a great experience, so when Wi-Fi works, we don’t notice. But when it doesn’t work, we most certainly do notice, and experience high levels of frustration.

It’s Valentine’s Day, and we should take a moment to appreciate the ones we love, as well as the innovative technologies that will change the world.

Today is Valentine’s Day, and that means showing appreciation to the people you love. I love my kids; my cats; my new puppy, Bodhi; and most of all my wonderful and amazing wife, Christine. She’s a kind, warm and loving person who has been fighting a rare illness called CVID for the past few years and still keeps a smile on her face and stops to smell the roses — something I’m not very good at.

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